Saturday, April 11, 2009

And So It Begins

And so it begins once again. New year and new hopes and aspirations. Once again the kick-off this year was the King of Burlingame. Congratulations to Bo Fuller for his
7th place finish in the expert category. Certainly a strong showing of riders this year and Bo's result confirms his early fitness and his category rank. No longer will he be allowed to sand bag with the new category system set up this year! Matt B. also threw down--but a little too hard as he flatted but still managed to finish. Congratulations to all who participated. The event gets better each year and continues to draw some great competition while still being an excellent time.

Upcoming events:

Wednesday nights at Ninigrit are planned to start up again beginning April 22.
B race will start at 6 and A at 6:30. More details will follow soon on the shop website or just call Matt at the shop.
Speaking of the shop, we will be beginning the Thursday night rides this week. Rides will start at the store at 6pm. Again, more info will be available from Matt.

Congratulations and best wishes to Mike Harney and his wife on their new baby girl, Lillian. Hopefully Mike will not be too sleep deprived to participate in some races this summer.

Have a great season everyone. Be safe and ride well.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Monday, December 29, 2008

Cross and Rules

So much information to update since over a month ago so it may be several posts to try and provide something meaningful to the many readers. But for the short term, here is a brief update:

The two days of ‘cross at Goddard earlier in the month amounted to another memorable weekend in New England. Although there may not have been as many of the big names of previous years, large fields and the NE regulars provided spectators with some great racing. Both days were a blast and once again the weather was a factor in at least one of the days. It was fun to listen to everyone’s reports and comments on how well they did or the troubles that they were dealt. I certainly was envious of everyone on Saturday but not Sunday! Looking forward to being healthy next year to represent for the team as so many of my mates did this year. Congrats to them and to all for their efforts and results. Many pats on the back should be handed out to Matt for the great work that he does in organizing the race weekend. The next time you see him, please give him some love for a job well done. Better yet, drop by and see him at the shop.

This season's Wednesday nights under the lights was another success. Some great fun was had by all while enjoying some competitive yet friendly racing. The hi-lite of each evening I think was the raffle that took place in the parking lot. Some heavy duty bargaining, swapping and bartering between the winners of allotted prizes was something to behold.
The D-train did not seem to set up so well this year though. I think it was missing its "conductor" and could not handle the concept of going slow. The need to go slow does not compliment the competitive spirit that gets the better of us. Again, thanks to all for coming out and making it a great event here in South County.

And finally, Velonews has nothing on us...

If you have read your recent Velonews edition you can find the article of "Don't be this Guy" a good laugh and yet quite appropriate. Sorry to spoil their thunder but we here at NBX developed our own set of winder riding rules a year ahead of the Velonews folks. Sparked by the pro mindset of Adam S. and modeled from the riding antics of Chris "Double Nickle" D., we adamantly enforce these "friendly" reminders as we traverse the winter roads. Here are a couple. Feel free to recommend some suggestions of your own, just keep it friendly and clean.
And I agree with RI Hans in his latest safe, stay healthy, and have a great New Year.

Some of the "winter rules"

All rides start from a previously agreed upon, central, non-biased location to insure promptness of starting.
All participants must engage in consuming a proper substantial pre-ride meal. Failure to do so does not prevent such rider from being dropped from said ride.
All participants must have evidence or proof that they have enough ride snacks not only for themselves but to share with other members. Bonus points may be awarded to riders with the tastiest snacks or goodies.
The use of an 11 tooth cog is prohibited on any ride as is the use of the outer-most front chain ring until a mutually agreed upon time in the early season schedule.
To ensure camaraderie and intellectual discourse, the use of entertainment devices such as I-pods will be restricted while riding with other members. Use during solo travel to and from ride start is permitted. Cell phone use is permissible for safety, family, or business concerns.
All participants must ensure that they have monetary compensation for items that may need to be purchased not only for themselves but for other ride members as well.
Early dismissal from ride due to prior commitments does not warrant other ride participants altering an agreed upon, pre-determined route to allow for said quitter to return to home.

And there are others, but that's enough for now.
Thanks for reading.
Jim P.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Friend or Foe?

Pretty cool website...Use this link to see how our teammates excelled over the season. Then check out your potential next season rivals. May give you some more motivation as the indoor training sessions get dull.

Thanks to cycling friend or new rival Murat who came upon the site on his blog found here:

Hope to see you all at Goddard on the first weekend of December for two great days of cross.
Jim P

Friday, October 24, 2008

Season Change

So after the flurry of the response train ended on the last post it was clear that it was time for new material. As the end of the season ground to a halt, another one started with a bang. The cross fix is on for the cool/cold weather, barricade jumping, grass-sand-dirt-mud-snow-ice fanatics. The Wednesday night under the lights report indicates that competition is fierce but friendly with local hot shot Adam S. dishing out some respect with several others hot on his heals. As his results on the weekends prove, he is advancing quickly in the elite ranks. Certainly is exciting to see. As the blogging world seems to indicate, the cross numbers look to be up this year which certainly seems to be a boost to the local racing scene. The appreciation of individual accomplishment and improvement without the fear of letting anyone down certainly is a refreshing selling point for participation. The fun factor does not hurt as well. If you are looking to give it a try come on down on Wednesday and check it out. No pressures, lots of fun, and lots of folks who want to share the experience with you.
Congratulations to all for their success and accomplishments during the road season. Good luck and good wishes for a safe and fulfilling cross season to those crossers hitting it each weekend this fall/winter.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hot or Cold?

So another month has past and another attempt at posting some stuff. Seems like the three people who read the blog checked in with their comments. So much for creating some conversation. Double nickel gets the award for longest response though. He seems distressed. Could be from a lack of racing or some sub-par results. I bet he wishes he was around for the Fall River sweat-box race. Seems like so long ago that race was run, but yet I can still feel the rivers of sweat pouring off me while going up the hill like it was yesterday. Yes it was hot. Nice to see Billy Y. get another win, this time being victorious in a three teammates against one tag- team match in a break. That man has some crazy form. Wonder what they were talking about while trying to figure out how to prevent him from taking the win.
Anyway, next up will be the Beal race. With the stormy weather for this weekend Topsfield seems to be a wash. (The downhill in that race would be fun in the rain eh?) Our forces will gather next weekend then and hopefully the weather will cooperate this time. Always seems to be plagued with at least one rainy day with tropical downpours. No hill this year but if you ride around the course you can see that they completed paving that hill. Would have been a sick speed fest down the other side with no bumps like last year. Maybe next year.
Good luck to all in these final weeks of the road season and don't worry you crossers, the temps will cool and soon the air will be filled with the aroma of Greyhound juice. And then we can complain about how dam cold it is at the start line.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summer Slumps

So it seems that the summer has seen various degrees of blogger activity. Some folks are diligent about posting day in and day out. Others, well they get around to it when they can and hope that interest has not disappeared. Take a trip around the ol' blogging world and see who has some time on their hands and who has hit their season slump. It mimics the road racing season perfectly. This one might fit in the "other" category. Still trying to get some fancy pictures and images to include with these posts but they too are slow in progress.
To update what has happened in the last month:
  • Bill Yabroudy continues to dominate in the crit scene. A nice win in the masters race at Concord this past weekend has added to his tally of victories this season. Its all part of an evil plan by Chris D. to transform Bill into being only a crit rider so Chris does not have to race any road races. Seems to be working.
  • On the Mt. bike circuit, Bo Fuller has secured another victory in the single speed category of the Route 66 series. Rumor has it that he is leading his category in the overall. We know the Bo is just coming out of his skin waiting for cross season to start.
  • On the triathlon scene-NBX's John Gadrow posted an extremely impressive finish at the Amica 70.2 in Providence. For his his age category he finished second for all RI participants and seventh overall among all RI participants. Two of those finishers ahead of him were pro-sponsored athletes as well. Reports reveal that John did the bike leg of the race on a standard road bike setup without any aero gear making his finish time of 4:50:56 more impressive.
  • The Wednesday night training series should be getting back on track after various circuses, festivals, and carny shows have past their way through Ninigrit. The racing has been pretty competitive and can provide that extra motivation to carry out the fitness (you slumpers) for the end of the season. Come on out.
  • There is more but I can't recall right now. Perhaps someone may want to add info that they are aware of? (part of my plan to get responses)

Finally, to stir up some response to this blog I'll throw this question out for any readers to mull around on. What are your thoughts on the Bob Beal race having one day licences and cat 5 included in all the masters fields? Remember we can agree to disagree so lets keep the discussion civil please. Discuss among yourselves.